ƒriendsvow*™* A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Credit System


Online Credit on #Blockchain for transaction processing with #Bitcoin and #Fiat the default currency for global payments.

#Bitcoin Model for #SocialCredit.



A purely peer-to-peer version of electronic credit, providing new ways to monetize your network of friends, family, and colleagues. ƒriendsvow™ credit protocol is designed to be the perfect solution for a healthy financial lifestyle for everyone.

ƒriendsvow™ is founded on the belief that on lending/credit we should be able to trust our friends and family more than we trust big banks or big tech companies. This mindset is propelling our mission for a blockchain-based and bitcoin-enabled peer-to-peer online credit APP! the ability to lend money to or from friends, family, colleagues via peer to peer blockchain transactions with Bitcoin and fiat payments, without waiting for a central body to decide, will unlock a massive financial network the likes of which the world has never seen

Friendsvow is using a rotating cashflow model with inbuilt onchain protection against delay or default on repayment, this solution has been in existince for over 100yrs in Africa, our mission is to add the missing software stacks digitally from Africa to the world, our domain expertize in building this credit model represent a symbol of African originality through community innovation, this is a carefully and intuitively designed product, that resolve humans greatest problem, financial inequality, poverty and everything in between, Friends, family, colleagues will be able to create a massive financial network that will guarantee continous security and trust across all segments of the credit cycle without the need of any financial institution, social trust enforced consistent access to cash for everyone to grow their cashflow, using network of friends, and your social connections, your network becomes your networth, you can initiate a stake with a bitcoin token on the node, that will be enforced by the network using your existing income and peers as incentives,these bitcoin stakes are then shared on a rotational timeline, weekly, monthly, quarterly according to the number of each of your peers in the network.

ƒriendsvow™* APP* Transaction Process

Our mission with ƒriendsvow™* is to provide an innovative and simple solution for A purely peer-to-peer version of electronic credit, on Blockchain transactions and Bitcoin for global payments offers the best solution for financial equality and financial health, helping people to monetize their network of friends, to lend money to or from friends, family, colleagues using the rotating credit model to protect everyone against delay or default on repayment. this is the Web3 generation of 6 patented inventions since 2009, using the African Peer to Peer social community credit system, A New Credit System Based on Human Network, ƒriendsvow™* will decentralize the global economy by redistributing wealth using an advanced peer to peer credit algorithm model that has been validated in real life with over 100,000s of Africans over 2 years, and now available internationally, an open architecture that allows the connection of any parties with good faith to transact securely on the app, Since it is on Blockchain asset base, there is without the need of banks or middlemen to interfere in the flow of funds, enabling e-commerce funding, decentralization of commercial credit. It is decentralized, with neutral central governing principles, transparent, safe, and cheap. ƒriendsvow™* connects people with access to lending for personal or business opportunities, medical emergencies, school fees, rent, investments, Through the ƒriendsvow™* APP you can lend money to friends, family members and colleagues as a pure peer-to-peer transaction on blockchain transactions and Bitcoin network for global payments, primarily with the objective to dissolve financial inequality, with over 4 billion users on social media worldwide, making ƒriendsvow™* the largest social community of credit in the world, using the secure Peer-to-Peer Electronic Credit (P2PEC) system and credit APP (application) which make use of mobile feature phone or smart phone, Internet and Blockchain technology; it is specially designed to support people with low credit, bad credit, or no credit and including the greenest credit score to obtain credit, access to a financially independent life without a credit score or lack of cash, such as delayed payments or defaults on payments, which often render millions of people helpless in different stages of their lives; for example, the women in Africa lack financial literacy and access to consistent cashflow for over 100yrs they have struggled with this, because of mostly lack of regulatory support in their countries, the rotating credit system has evolved over 100 years in Africa. Our APP runs on the rotating functional node, we created a new proprietary software stack, to build the rotating credit model, with features like debit card/credit card, a Blockchain ledger and Bitcoin API exchanges and open source development, to do automatic, immediate payments for lending/credit. It also rewards people financially with Bitcoins when they complete a credit cycle, and it protects everyone against fraud, theft, and delay by providing a digital rotating transparent ledger of credit transactions, We are committed to helping people solve some of the toughest problems in the developing world, such as access to credit and financial inclusion. ƒriendsvow™* Online Credit APP is a complete end-to-end electronic credit system that enables people to pay back Credit to friends and/or family members, instantaneously and globally with Bitcoin. we insert trust as a currency into the digital economy, Satoshi Nakamoto stated Trust is not necessary for Bitcoin payments, in Bitcoin credit, Trust is your biggest currency, if you trust your friends your cash flow increases, if your doubt your friends, your cashflow decreases, we are going to unleash the power of trust for everyone, online credit protection against default, Wallet integrated with ledger accounts helps maintain and secure online wallet, node ledger for the User to make secure connections in the Network via Intelligent matching algorithms selected by their value of choice, flexible match consensus to prevent disruption in the networks flow along with a decentralized network interface that provides transparency to all Network users, This is a decentralized application that simplifies the process of credit setup and cashflow management data. It is controlled only by the peers, making ƒriendsvow™* a neutral party in the credit cycle, a social credit platform, the main function of online system for connecting individuals (“ƒriendsvow™*s”), to much-needed opportunity so as to attract other users into this system to increase their access to cashflow capital or set up multiple lines of credit. The Bitcoin is used for all transactions inside FriendVow, creating demand for other cryptocurrencies through buying Bitcoins with them and transferring fiats to domain Bank accounts.

ƒriendsvow™* APP* Social Network of Credit

The ƒriendsvow™* — A peer-to-peer electronic credit system is designed on the bitcoin open-source standard, and was conceived to protect a network of friends from defaulting on a Money commitment of deposited bitcoin tokens. The model has been tested, improved, and added with additional features to ensure positive cash flow for all group members, and will be extended beyond friends to include community, banks, insurance companies, corporations, and small businesses and especially among all adults with Bank accounts, for those who share a common purpose, design by multiple incentives, both forward/backward payment are possible are the core of the model, ƒriendsvow™* allows defaulting but detects malicious actions designed to manipulate the group security controls, our white paper is meant for social networks, online communities, bitcoin users with foresight beyond one’s own gain, definitely not designed for multi-level marketing/network formation, was designed to help users that will be using the platform to use the power of community credit to “share” their dedicated bitcoin token for processing peer-to-peer. The method is very simple, the users donate their tokens and fund a single address by sending it from their dedicated bitcoin wallet to group wallet, based on the timeline, duration, and amount, Each time a user claims a rotating turn of credit, that is the only time transaction fees and payments, can apply not on transfers from wallets, the quantity of each bitcoin token is automatically reduced from the single group pool and sent to the official personal account created by the Group, where we use our cashflow management model to process and verify all transactions, by building trust among strangers to conduct transactions seamlessly, safely, and quickly. At the core of the platform is a revolutionary role-governance model that empowers each user to make the right decision and get credit. ƒriendsvow™* creates an environment where users are encouraged to be friendly with others to complete transactions. The platform also provides features to protect users from fraud and theft by allowing all users to validate all information before entering into transactions with one another. The whitepaper provides a detailed analysis of the base design for the Friends, a Peer-to-Peer electronic credit system designed for, and in development alongside the cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. ƒriendsvow™* is built on top of the Bitcoin structure and operates in tandem with http://www.ƒriendsvow™*.com which is a web application that organizes and implements all ƒriendsvow™* transactions. ƒriendsvow™*’s purpose is to provide a universal, peer-to-peer, electronic credit network that will allow people around the world to participate in community commerce and secure their own financial futures, which is a two-tier peer-to-peer credit system. we understand that honesty and reliability are key to the success of this credit system. Every user registration will be verified using existing digital infrastructure, there will no link to any offline legacy infrastructures for confirmation, everybody is starting afresh everytime you come to Friendsvow, nobody will be deleted or eliminated based on bad credit or lack of money, each user balance will be tracked by everyone in the network, and no one can tamper with, that encrypted in our backend servers in a way that protects from tampering with, this security feature will ensure the highest level of security to our network in order to benefit our users in a fair and honest environment, Allowing for new users to set up a peers group and invite others who they believe will contribute value and on the other side protect the user from negative social value, we propose a new multi-tier security encryption that is based on trust and not verified by any entity, we also propose a simple token credit system that allows users to take tokens into cash flow as well as lend them as credit. Protecting users before issues happen, an ultra-secure peer-to-peer credit system designed to connect people together in a way that ensures everyone gets paid. It uses advanced blockchain technology to create completely non-reversible transactions, and offers many other benefits, is revolutionizing the Peer to Peer (P2P) Electronic Credit System by introducing it in a platform that powers a fully decentralized Social Funding System. ƒriendsvow™* has designed this project in such a way that the user finds niches that are very interesting, finds honest users with whom they can do business, and relationship finds other groups that are already using ƒriendsvow™* offline and online and finds other alternatives to use these services. ƒriendsvow™* is a social network, What is ƒriendsvow™*? Well, I, WE BELIEVE THAT FRIENDSBOROW WILL BE THE FIRST OF ITS KIND ON THE INTERNET. It will be the first of its kind for many reasons. The website will charge no lending interest rate for p2p lending, making it much better than other peer-to-peer loan sites that also charge high commissions, The model has been implemented in the form of peer-to-peer bitcoin stack technology over the blockchain. We have launched an MVP and these are the published data for the MVP, Our goal is to make the process of collection and distribution of loans (peer-to-peer) easier. For your interest, this document is a mockup of the workflow, accounting, and algorithm involved in our solution. This does not represent the opinion of any government agency or regulator unless specified, The ƒriendsvow™* model is strictly following the bitcoin principles of peer-to-peer (payments) to build a peer-to-peer credit model, that now makes Bitcoin the most important currency on the internet.


_Dear Future, Friends_Family_Colleagues In_this_Whitepaper_we_want_to_understand_why___this___system___has__not__yet__existed__and_why_it_must_exist_and who has the responsibility. This white paper aims to set out a solution to the problem of access to credit around the world. Our system also addresses the following: — 100% decentralized and peer-to-peer Credit/Lending framework / techstack /blockchain- Bitcoin / and how Assets can be transferred from any person (and / or companies) for a better online credit ecosystem.

Our Credit System as a startup is as a P2P lending and credit system on blockchain transactions with Bitcoin payments, that would allow anyone, a father, a mother, a friend, to instantly create their credit history, to lend their money to or from peers who have not been able to get credit from existing systems. This would mean that even a teenage college student, who has never borrowed money before will be able to use a monthly token from the college stipend to start all kinds of credit transactions, The ƒriendsvow™* system is a new method of giving credit. Rather than going through a bank, ƒriendsvow™* allows any person to create a credit transaction from their phone and send it to a friend or family member of their choice to join a rotating credit model. It does this by creating an invite via peer-to-peer node function, Through the use of our peer to peer credit system we eliminate fraud and central banking, we re-invent lending and credit, we create a social credit of trust and reputation, we also propose a new universal payment network bitcoin) and many more innovations and use cases and trust and reputation and social community networks of the future with Nodes…That is to verify IDs, financial standing, credit setup and protect everyone from loss on defaults, Nodes verify the member’s strong creditworthiness through pseudo-direct rotational savings.

Concept of Money and Credit

The most important man-made necessity in life is money, we have to go back in time to understand the concept of money, money was not created by Banks or by Government, but adopted by these institutions, money was already in existence before the Rothchild brothers invented the current model of Banking in the 18th century, with Deposits and Payments as default features, entrepreneurs were the inventors of money, Bankers created deposits and payment as a feature of Banking and use credit to create bank money, that legacy is why the world has a bad credit model, the biggest problem in the world today is lack of access to convenient credit, that is why people go bankrupt and why interest rates in Bank to customers lending is so high, the world needs a native model for online Credit/Lending powered by a community of people, with a feature phone, Smartphone or a digital cash saving box, a credit line can be set up.

The Friendsovow Electronic Credit System would sort out the world debt problems, it would be an electronic payment system that would surpass the current bank credit model, it is peer-to-peer, meaning no banks, no government control, and therefore no bailouts. Banks would still be needed as Depositor and Payments system and Credit/Lending would be implemented by the #Bitcoin which means every process on the model is on the digital native ecosystem, Our mission is to solve the problems associated with individual lending to individuals on a peer-to-peer decentralized credit system, without any form of bank or government, The friendsvow project was created with the belief that money is not a legal tender nor is it a law that banks are required to lend money. friendsvow platform was created to help inventors, entrepreneurs, nonprofit organizations, art groups, parents, mothers, relatives family, friends, anyone to raise funds/finances by creating their own “credit lines and requesting natural support from your network of friends, we allow realtime transfers of money in fiat and bitcoin between two users using ƒriendsvow APP, with encrypted proprietary bitcoin token which is both private and portable, payment between any ƒriendsvow user is instant with zero interest rates, this is possible due to the fact that ƒriendsvow eliminates the need for any third-party dependencies including Banks or Governments or any other financial institutions, Friendsvow enables you to make payments in the network (using “#Bitcoin” on the ecosystem, and receive payment directly in your bitcoin wallet (or other cryptocurrency wallets). To do this Friendsvow uses deferred accounting. transactions are not only balances in the Peer-to-Peer network’s accounts, but act as tokens that act like premiums that represent an amount owed after credit in (Bitcoin or cryptocurrency) pending repayment, targets to do an EDCC in Blockchain Tech, in the entire payment history till the 21st century, payment in FIAT currency is the least secure in terms of propagation its time is in the perishable state, makes it very difficult for both payer and recipient to track if it has been deposed or not. If the credit payment is not put into blockchain tech, there is a loss of value that can never be discovered if not onchain.

The ƒriendsVow system will be separated into different phases which are as follows. ƒriendsVow has been designed to follow laid down rules because we are building for humans, rules and regulations regarding legality in most countries of the world, i.e. fiat currencies, or electronic fiat currencies with 2 parties involved in creating this encrypted network, Nowadays, there is a lot of talk about peer-to-peer trading and payments, but no one seems to be talking about credit/lending which is the most important man-made problem in life. In this paper we have tried to solve this problem from a completely different approach, it is unique and quite effective at the same time. It uses a single existing technology to create a marketplace without the need for a central repository or middlemen. This technology has been developed in house at ƒriendsvow*™* by our team of experts while keeping in mind all the needs of our users while solving all the above-mentioned problems, Our mission at ƒriendsvow is to create a peer-to-peer electronic credit system that will help you access consistent credit by eliminating all banks and middlemen from the equation. When it comes to solving the global financial crisis, we think our solutions are the best there is on earth currently. This is what we believe: credit/lending is one of the fundamental human needs, Banks and Governments should not control such an essential part of life; we humans as a people can do this far better.

#ƒriendsvow*™* PLATFORM is a System that works with the Banks to recover bad Credit, Wholesalers, Traders, Manufactures, Licenced Agents, Customs Wholesalers, retailers and any other legal business in their field of operation all over the world to solve the problem of default credit lending operations in Banks, will bring an end to the credit bubble and inflation and it can replace the current credit model of banking we live in, this concept is based on the fact that real value is created from among people, ƒriendsvow provides a unique way to save and instantly lend money, lend money from any country no matter how economically developed country is, unlike the current banking system ƒriendsvow has very fewer transaction fees and zero interest, unlike a bank, a Peer-to-Peer Electronic Credit System, not created by Banks or Governments but by Entrepreneurs. Totally Decentralized, with a centralized process but Automated with Automation, ƒriendsvow represents the new era of decentralized Banking, DEFI Web3, Fed up with High-Interest Rates and High Fees, we created a P2P Credit system that does not involve Banks or Governments, we started in March 2013 and finished our tech, an electronic peer to peer Credit system, running on the Blockchain technology that changes the way people do business. This system will be able to manage credit, cashflow, repayments, and all the benefits of a Bank, without having to operate using Fiat metallic money, The solution is simple, it will be built on the Blockchain, Open source, bitcoin technology, Secure, Fairplay, Transparent and Cryptocurrency API. The project adopts a Peer Peer Credit system which it will link to the FIAT currency either in Fiat currency by converting it into cryptocurrency through exchanges or directly accepting Crypto Currency as the payment option for services provided, a peer-to-peer electronic credit system that resolves the problems of both conventional and online (centralized) electronic credit payment methods, and can be used on any device, without the need for 3rd party entities like banks and credit card companies. The basic idea of our Credit System is to create an Ad-Hoc/HOAP (Host-Oriented decentralized Platform to cater to the customers. The basic requirement for our Credit System is multi-layered network nodes that not only can transfer global payments but can also global credit. Credit is the fuel for all the money Needed Assets like Machines, People, or Power Plants to run smoothly. Credit can be generated in various forms like cash flow Management, Incentives, Social relationship, or even Bitcoin savings, a proven peer-to-peer electronic credit system that is already in operation running a pilot in Africa with 14,000 B2G customers. Our model was created to break down the barrier that prevents 70% of people are excluded from participating in the real Financial Services Sector. Over the last several years our product/model has been adopted by thousands of “Entrepreneurs” who have used Friendsvow to expand their business operations with better options, A ƒriendsvow credit is like freedom and freedom has no limit! and also like Bitcoin, except Bitcoin is for online payments, friendsvow is for online credit, Bitcoin does not offer credit functions by default, In human history, the most important problem in the world is lack of access to credit, not lack of money, but access to cashflow, and the primary reason for lack of access to money and all the advantages that is derived thereoff is because of lack of a default Credit/Lending Model inbuilt into Banking innovation, the way Payments and deposit was inbuilt as a default function for Banks, the developed economonies using the Keynesian theory of economics, created policies that inspired that have inspired enterpeneurs to innovate within those framework, with a high purchasing power 1000% better than under developed economies, lack of access to credit is why we have financial inequality in the world, Until Now, everyone from Governments to enterpreneurs has conveniently neglected to focus on a proper solution for Credit/Lending, What is needed for Electronic online credit is a purely peer to peer credit, that would allow anyone to start credit transaction by sending an invite to friends, family, colleagues for lending and once the nodes verify the transactions using amount, number of peers and time stamp, they will help in processing the transactions by displaying data that help peers to have comfort in sending their Bitcoin Tokens, the user requesting for credit will get credit value and lenders will be assured of protection from delay or default seeing incoming credit line with value date, that is tamper proof, in the history of humanity, open access to

Credit is what rebuilt the great depression in America of 1929–1939 and the financial crisis of 2008, ♥A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Credit System is a new proposed experiment of peer to peer credit system that runs on a blockchain. This paper defines the overall system and details its implementation and related issues. Based on the concept of “Credit as at when due”, it allows anyone to send invites to friends for lending with a proper timestamp which permits the blockchain nodes to verify the transaction using amount, a number of peers, and time stamp, which will allow you to set up a Credit/Lending Model inbuilt into Banking Innovation, and we will use Blockchain technology to verify the transactions, a protocol that adds a default lending feature to blockchain technology. Credit can be given by anyone online or offline to another, and once the credit is disbursed, using decentralized credit/lending model, it cannot be reversed, a utopian white paper that offers solutions to specifically focus on peer to peer credit using the blockchain with the innovation of Bloom Credits, which would disburse credits in an open loop with Open-ended credit loops, Credit distribution, ♥a new proposed credit model, This paper defines the overall system, and details its implementation and related issues. Based on the concept of “Credit as at when due”, it allows anyone to send invites to friends for lending with a proper timestamp which permits the blockchain nodes to verify the transaction using amount, number of peers, and time stamp and duration.


Principles of Electronic Credit.

Over a 100yrs ago, before the great depression, Africans develop a homegrown rotational savings model, a peer to peer offline credit model that is synonymous with mobile agent network, a people-oriented, simple, transparent, and secure offline traditional savings model that was colloquially called, Esusu/Osusu/Megbewa/Ajo/Gameya this is to help anyone utilize their existing network and income to create access to cashflow, that is the default model economist and all the experts in the world have advised, that when you need money for emergency purpose or to borrow, your friends, family, colleagues, your community network are the best resource to raise money, your social cycle should be your social credit, by default, your network should be your networth.

This is because A centralized body or Government cannot effectively distribute volume without accountability, money by default in a capitalist society is supposed to be scarce and in relation to the doctrine of human evolution, money is meant to be reserve for only those who sacrifice for it in a transactional basis, you use the money to get money, you stake a token to your friends and you get the money rotated back to you eventually, an invite-only social credit platform that uses advanced social media technology on blockchain to allow anyone to raise the capital they need, from their existing network, through a rotating “Savings”, model allowing anyone accesses to cashflow. ƒriendsvow™* is the only platform ever to offer user-friendly, ergonomic User-Interface (UI) for both English and domain languages. Please note. ƒriendsvow™* is not a lending platform nor does it act like one. The only thing that ƒriendsvow™* does is connects You with Your network, allowing you access network of friends You can directly tap into, As you studied the principles of community credit online, you discovered its power to create cash flow, but learning how to use it for your benefit is what Friendsvow will be guiding you on. Friendsvow has created educational resources to guide you through the payment system so you understand why online credit can replicate better online than offline.

ƒriendsvow is an unbreakable contract between like-minded people or a network enforced by blockchain where they create a joint rotating/credit account to help one another save cash flow today, and receive the products sold by other members at a significant discount. No longer will you have to rely on unreliable Creditharks online and offline, loan sharks are mortal and will disappear, why not use your networks to take control of your present and future? you can only be part of the solution if you are part of the problem, our ƒriendsvow platform will be available on www.ƒriendsvow.platform.com, As Africans build businesses, they need to develop financial products that cater to their unique bottom line. an African-focused Social Credit System built on the foundation of Trust-based networks that are found in families; clans; regions; communities. This is the original Social banking system, which is now being digitized using proprietary African patented technology for global credit platforms, they need to develop financial products that cater to their unique bottom line. an Africa Social Credit System built on the foundation of Trust-based networks that are found in families; clans; regions; ethnicities and tribes. This is the original Social banking system, ƒriendsvow™* are a NEP5 Token and a Peer to Peer (P2P) network and protocol for the common person, crafted with the purpose of enabling users to store and retrieve the value in a secure way. ƒriendsvow™* is committed to peer-to-peer blockchain open source technology, 300 years after the Banking Innovation, A code was used to create #Bitcoin as the currency of the internet for payments, it is the absolute natural sequence for the credit model and currency of the internet to be created and distributed by code, the ecosystem of the internet can only expand exponentially if all native resources and infrastructure online are developed by software code, payments, credits, commerce, government, regulations operate with that understanding, offline industries will also grow exponentially, the benefits will be both a better world of equalization with a larger number of prosperous people deciding the choice of equality based on personal preference rather than circumstances, equality that will foster a safer, simpler and transparent system of online credit with your network of peers as your model of monetization.

Cashflow Transactions

We define cashflow transactions as a network of rotating credit lines in a node, where a payee initiated a credit request, that sends an invite to peers, family, friends, colleagues via social media or email, for peers to join a node and stake a token to be validated and distributed to a beneficiary after verification, the payee will eventually use such credit to set up multiple options of credit lines that is visible to everyone on the network, to serve as security that protects everyone from delay or defaulting on repayment as at when due, ƒriendsvow — blockchain-based peer-to-peer financial credit APP enables access to credit lines. We define cashflow transactions as a network of rotating credit lines in node, where a payee initiated a credit request by token deposits into a group wallet, this will send an invite to peers, family, friends, colleagues via social media or email, for peers to join a node and stake a token to be validated and distributed to a beneficiary after verification, all transactions are visible to everyone.

ƒriendsvow? will allow users? to issue tokens to the group wallet, using the proof of stake method. The node will be allowed to request for payouts, after required verifications, and this is required to make a token deposit within the group wallet, to provide mutually beneficial savings and credit, for fast-moving cashflow transactions such as personal funding, debt funding, and short term business-related funding requirements, the network revolves around the Bitcoin token (BTC), which is used to send and receive tokens across the network. BTC is distributed to beneficiaries or staked by members as collateral for credit requests. Our terminal application allows members to manage their wallets seamlessly, track their Credit performance, and make real-time decisions. Because ƒriendsvow is decentralized, it is free from regulations and political risks, helping more people worldwide access a safe financial future.

The FVC-X is an automatic rotational group savings model managed through blockchain transactions and digital wallets, funds are credited in the form of Bitcoins. The model offers two types of services; credit lines and group deposits. The Credit earned is from rotational savings funds, that are withdrawn to the beneficiary, this is a blockchain-based peer-to-peer protocol, which is designed to create a new cashflow economy, using blockchain technology to build a transparent credit protection platform, a DEFI financial system to benefit and credit users in billions, we deploy this in different nodes and rotate credit across a period of weekly, monthly, quarterly rotational duration of Credit, ƒriendsvow is a revolution in the way we work together, the way we save and the way we borrow. As time progresses, technology has evolved to meet our demands. Using blockchain technology, this is a unique peer-to-peer method of rotating savings that will change the way people save and lend money. We call this “Rotating Credit”, ƒriendsvow decentralized peer-to-peer model also uses the platform’s cryptocurrency wallet to allow users to make credit requests to others within their network. These requests are distributed through blockchain transactions and bitcoin payments, eliminating the need for banks or other financial institutions, ƒRƒ+ƒP is a decentralized platform on the blockchain that links different financial instruments into portable devices that allows users to achieve a more efficient and safer financial process for individuals (B2C) and corporates (B2B), ƒRƒ+ƒP is a set of integrated credit-based and cash-based peer-to-peer financial services and tools designed to be used within the community.


The biggest problem of course is how can we protect lenders from defaulting on repaying back their Credit, the common solution offline is to collatarized the Credit in whatever security they deem fit for purpose by lender, because it is physically impossible to compel repayment, Bitcoin and social media has shown people can be socially connected in billions, Bitcoin shows we have the accounting, the currency, the finance and technology to create the social community network of credit among billions of people, Protection from Default on Rotating Credit is based on the financial innovation, its goal is to create a transparent, flexible, secure and easy way to use a system for protecting lenders from defaulting on repaying back their loan, the aim is to solve the problem of default on rotating credit, by providing a social media platform that can ensure 300% protection from defaulting, defaulting may be defined as failing to repay back in whatever time period (days, weeks months) agreed, our model address the problem of securing lender against default by providing 300% protection against default to the lender, by deploying smart contract on the blockchain ledger, this is achieved by separating the creditor and debtors (P2P) relationship using a nodes as a mediator to enforce commitments, even with this model there is still default risk, to protect from default threat we can offer cashflow incentives, bitcoin incentives, money management and insurance to bank holder for reasonable price, the premiums will cover the balance of physical incapacitation or death on defaulted loan # at reasonable price, insuring lender from default risk, we offer new and exciting options to all members of the community, if any one of us default on our loan payment due to unforseen circumstances, transaction fees , insuranrance, casflow management will ensure it does not affect thr group and there is no loss in the model to anyone or business. From a standing start, we have protected all users from defaulting since the launch of the MVP.

Onchain Transaction Nodes ensures transparent processing protection against default

For there is no remedy to physically restrain a user to repay the credit, but it is digitally provable to use multiple incentives that increase the odds by 300% to a guaranteed positive outcome, by controlling the random events that propel a positive reaction from the user, aside from social trust, we have cash flow management, incentives, and insurance in the event of death or physical incapacitation on every transaction is protected, default do not exist in the Friendsvow ecosystem, a receiver who defaulted can be substituted but not deleted, they will still have cashflow in their other wallets that will be used to offset their debt, they might default on a different wallet, but there are funds left in other wallets to repay even why they are absent, paying back money borrowed is not a matter of personal responsibility, its an issue of freedom, choice, and opportunity, the advantage for defaulting of not paying back outweighs the disadvantage, using a random 80/20 logic of Pareto principle.

ƒriendsvow is a decentralized platform with a mission to solve the problems of systemic risk in the credit industry using a combination of a preemptive cashflow model, meaning that if a user requests and received credit from peers and choose not to pay back their lenders, lenders have no reason to panic, because they can view the transaction history of all users and see the positive cashflow positions of said user, to understand delay is not default. What’s more, is that any lender on the ƒriendsvow platform provides an individual guarantee to all other lenders on the ƒriendsvow platform against default from any borrower. This means the user that wants to request credit can decide their credit value and from whom, The distributed Token will be an ERC2 Token, where there will also be a traditional centralized enforcer of policies, score agency that ties into the contract platform. The centralized agency will have an MSB license that allows them to receive FIAT payments from businesses, we wish to create the data trails required for transparency and public security, this allows us to retain control of all our funds by creating an internet escrow system, designed to protect us from defaulting on debt. Anyone can benefit from the social insurance provided by ƒriendsvow — it is available at any time of day or night for anyone who needs it, we also take care of account security, ƒriendsvow is built on this idea of decentralized control with a centralized policy model in the parameters with user consensus embedded by default, the power for each user to act in its self-interest is effervescent, When we take the digital peer to peer social medium and combine this with the security of blockchain transactions and payments, accounting and transfer of Bitcoin, we have created a massive financial network that will continue to guarantee security among all segments of the credit cycle, all transactions are publicly validated and endorsed online and offline, This will remove the need for users to obtain and retain credit ratings and other identity credentials, and it will mean those who update their records over time will be those trusted not those who were first in.

Network Within a Network

The network within a network model can be defined as a group of nodes functioning on a rotational credit model with native defense against credit disruption, the nodes represent peers in various groups according to duration, amount, and timeline node are initiated by the start of a new transaction. once a transaction is initiated, this can propagate to 4 different wallets belonging to one user with different timelines and token amounts, these multiple wallets will become the default bulwark that protects each user from delay or default on repayment, everyone within the network will have a visual view of transaction history within the same network, our online consumer credit for internet commerce, cross border transactions and online Credit. We use our proprietary technology to provide instantaneous global credit based on existing income and network, within verifiable offline infrastructures, our network is used as an overlay network (swarm) by the nodes with its native defense against disruption of the credit cycle using a transparent display of transaction data within the network nodes from transaction initiation to confirmation, the first blockchain DAPP connecting Socialization and Credit, a network of Socialization within a general framework of Credit. It’s the first blockchain that protects against disruption of the credit cycle using a transparent display of data from beginning to end, and with Native defense against disruption on each node of the network, a decentralized credit rating network using the blockchain. It is an extension of the identity that can provide credit protection against default. The creation of tokenized nodes defends the disruption of the credit cycle by providing transparent data within the network, Blockchain Credit Protocol is a trustworthy, infinite node network node system that operates on the blockchain to safeguard against default and enhance transparency. Any person can be a node operator. The ability to safeguard one’s credit is only available through the ƒriendsvow™* decentralized protocol, the World’s First Mobile credit Application powered by blockchain technology delivers secure and transparent knowledge for credit or lending decisions based on a social network of friends, family, colleagues can become social credit via proofing, based on an emergent consensus model and uses multi-layered encryption for security and ease of use. Friendvow has been designed specifically to bring freedom, choice, and competition to consumers at their fingertips. The application layer will allow for the integration of other applications, ƒriendsvow™*APP is completely FREE, P2P lending platform which helps you turn your network into your networth, trust in your friends, increase your cash flow, doubt your friends, decrease your cashflow, trust is credit, the blockchain network will be an alliance of decentralized nodes around the globe. The underlying Friendsvow token(FVT) will run on a blockchain that expresses its code in Solidity. This allows contracts to execute automatically when certain conditions are met or when external blockchain objects, like transactions or blocks, are interacted within the correct way. Since Friendsvow is built on a bitcoin network currently processes about 5 transactions per second (fps) and payment confirmation takes 15 seconds (on average), therefore the Friendsvow main will implement its scaling solution based on off-chain data checkpoints


1.) Probability Theory in the Business Model;

i.)Conditional Probability Theory:
Conditional probability is defined as the likelihood of an event or outcome occurring, based on the occurrence of a previous event or outcome. Conditional probability is calculated by multiplying the probability of the preceding event by the updated probability of the succeeding,

An undisclosed algorithm that allows the marketplace to vote on the possibility of a member paying back their debt. The entire market would be represented by say 5,000 people with 75% of which would be members of the platform. Then the general probability of repayment would be 75%, however, you must take into account that maybe 30% would have an incentive to pay back vs. 40% which have no incentive. That is where conditional probability helps us sharpen the odds.

Conditional probability could describe Person A as most likely not going to repay credit on time, that person has a 0.3 (30%) chance of repayment without a reminder. Option 2 is that Person A will need to access a higher figure if they pay on time, incentive and that increase their probability by 0.5 (50%) until further incentives will increase the odds to infinity (100%) 1

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Example II.
Event A is an individual initiating a credit transaction with peers for credit. There is an 80% chance that this individual invite request will be accepted by peers.

Event B is that the full Bitcoin value of the amount applied for will be credited to the user’s wallet because by default on 60% of the Token amount is approved for disbursal to personal wallet upon completion of each credit cycle.

( Credit Approval and Full Amount) = P (Credit Approval | Full Amount) P (Credit Approval) = (0.60)*(0.80) = 0.48.

P(B|A) = P(A and B) / P(A)

which you can also rewrite as:

P(B|A) = P(A∩B) / P(A)

Within a group of 12 Peers in a node, 6 have received their credit, 4 are on have already staked their third token(payment) still to receive credit, and 2 first-time peers are joining the group. If a new person is joining that network chosen at random, what is the probability they will all receive their rotation credit if left to chance?

Step 1: Figure out P(A). It’s given in the question as 50%, or 0.5.

Step 2: Figure out P(A∩B). This is the intersection of A and B: both happening together. It’s given in the question 2 out of 12 people, or 0.2.

Step 3: Insert your answers into the formula:
P(B|A) = P(A∩B) / P(A) = 0.2 / 0.5 = 0.5. ans=70%

Example V:

Conditional Probability in Real Life Credit Model.

Everyone in a group might say you have only a 40% chance of repayment on your credit vow, However, this fact is conditional on many things, such as the probability of…

… You have funds but cannot access them.
…Your phone got stolen.
…Physical incapacitation.
We say that the conditional probability of you achieving this negative result depends on all the above events.


Random probability theory is concerned with the analysis of random phenomena. The outcome of a random event cannot be determined before it occurs, but it may be any one of several possible outcomes. The actual outcome is considered to be determined by chance.

A random sequence of events, time, or transactions often has no order and does not follow an intelligible pattern or combination. … Randomness applies to concepts of chance, probability, and information entropy.

Image result for random theory in probability.

What are the 3 types of random variables?
Discrete, • Continuous, and • Singular. In other words,

Random Variables

A random variable, usually written X, is a variable whose possible values are numerical outcomes of a random phenomenon. There are two types of random variables, discrete and continuous.

ƒriendsvow™* model is strictly applying the Continous Random Variable on the Nodes.

A continuous random variable takes an infinite number of possible values. these are usually measurements. Examples include height, weight, the volume of transactions in a credit cycle, the timeline required to complete a rotational credit transaction.

A continuous random variable is not defined at specific values. Instead, it is defined throughout values, The probability of observing any single value is equal to 0 since the number of values that may be assumed by the random variable is infinite.

Suppose a random variable Mr. X may receive all credit Value over a specific period. The probability that Mr. X will meet up his repayment obligation A, P(A), is defined to be the area above A and under a curve. The curve, which represents a function p(x), must satisfy the following:

1: There is no negative value in his transaction history (p(x) > 0 for all x)
2: All Wallets link to the transaction has a higher credit value to his debit history.

ƒriendsvow™* is Applying the Discreet Probability Model on the Credit Nodes

The risk theory is where we derived the idea of stake tokens, the value of which is evenly distributed among multiple wallets according to duration and time stamp, this function is like an insurance premium against any random act based on the listed conditions, elimination of risk is for everyone within the group network, the moment a credit transaction is initiated on the node, all individual rights gets tied to peer group functions, until the confirmation of all transactions on that credit cycle.

For a group of businesses, the risk is governed by one equation: Risk = Likelihood x Impact. This means that the total amount of risk exposure is the probability of an unfortunate event occurring, multiplied by the potential impact or damage incurred by the event. If you put a dollar value on the impact, then you can value the risk and in a simple way compare one risk factor to another.

The Risk Equation provides several useful insights and pinpoints two basic ways that protect people from the risk of default. The first is to reduce the likelihood of unexpected events. The second is to lower their impact on the peer groups function because the more credit exposure the more likelihood for risk of delay or default, like When the right-hand side increases, the left-hand side increases, how do we ensure they remain as natural as it was created, which is the desired outcome.

Building an online credit on the blockchain, the technology benefits, and deployments based on the stack to use is a very important role in our execution strategy of this model, The Impact and risk of a new model will continue to grow in the foreseeable future. #Bitcoin adoption, Government regulations, Mobile Access, and new digital platforms are here to stay at risk, the pace of change and innovation is only likely to accelerate, creating more risk, Impact comes with risk and understanding how to deploy the right stacks after understanding this risk ensures durability in the mission to achieve the primary aim of the vision of making #Bitcoin the default currency of the internet.

Risk preparedness involves programmed nodes with daily updates on the dashboard, slight delay in repayments to wallets, are invincible, because the real placeholder for delays, there is a risk, but none is a threat to the group, the defaulting user is not blacklisted, but rather provided more option as a substitute to meet up to their vow commitment, so transaction fees will get to profit points, but the vacant space is filled up by new signup, blockchain transaction automation will ensure benefits are instant and verified across all nodes.

Mixed Money Pull
Mixed Money pull by Friends, family, colleagues, peers on blockchain transactions and bitcoin credit. This Vow token is uniquely created with Bitcoin payments, to create a massive financial network that guarantees continuous security and trust across all segments of the credit cycle protected by a united social community of credit, We envision a credit community as an online network for people to be connected and monetize as friends, family, and colleagues. We are building a complete financial ecosystem of credit powered by the natural options of distribution word of mouth via friends and family, that enables a secure and trustworthy social network that will be accessible anywhere and anytime, a simple and easy to use APP that will create an easy #RotatingCredit tool for friends, family, colleagues, and peers to collaborate on incremental lending. The App utilizes a secure #Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency network with a massive social community, trust, and a rotating credit system to make capital available for any conceivable need at a zero interest rate even in bad credit situations, Create your credit line to get the money you want. The new ƒriendsvow™* app solves the problem of limited credit acceptance with blockchain technology and the bitcoin payment model of credit money management, an application that allows you to place your trust in people. No credit check required, 100% risk-free. Local currency transactions are allowed for citizens and payments can also be global by #Bitcoin. ƒriendsVow allows for secure, peer-to-peer lending, via online networks and online vows and commitment, we are adding value to the chain of friends, relatives, colleagues, an unstoppable #Blockchain social platform that rewards users with #Bitcoin for transactions processed on the #blockchain, thereby speeding up the adoption of mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. All Community Members can earn Bitcoin for their personal use, while benefiting instantly from other users who also process transactions on the #Blockchain, making it a never-ending cycle that will steadily increase the amount of Bitcoin available in the entire network, utilizes the most advanced technology in social networking, blockchain protocols, bitcoin banking, cryptocurrency, and trusted auditors to connect with people across various levels of trust for peer-to-peer financial assistance. Its purpose is to create a financial ecosystem with clear mechanisms to achieve financial security for its members, is the first global integrated social credit app, designed for online spending, with a strong focus on cash flow management, deliberate financial networking, and real-life social interactions. With this in mind, it is necessary to be authenticated by a trusted network-based digital identity to link personal financial data with social activity, #Blockchain provides transparency, and #Bitcoin provides the perfect incentives to help people turn their networth into their networth, a peer-to-peer mobile app that combines on-chain transaction processing with cashflow management on social networks using blockchain technology, helps individuals and businesses to open credit lines with friends, family members, colleagues, and peers anywhere in the world, using Bitcoin as a currency for global payments. By leveraging our company’s patented peer-to-peer technology, we allow anyone with a smartphone to create an account with zero risk of fraud by a third party, is a financial tool that guarantees privacy, security, and trust for users across all segments of the credit cycle will be a social network on blockchain that will pull online credit through the relationship network of friends, family, colleagues, peers and so on. The credit value will be based on a cash flow economy. Lending money today is a dangerous process without the proper verification of the borrower’s financial situation. Through this platform, users will have transparent access to the cash flow of their close others through blockchain a peer to peer credit system, a revolutionary social credit, and cash flow management platform that combines the power of the blockchain with our proprietary algorithms to provide continuously updated rotational credit among peers with instant peer-to-peer financial transactions, the online financial network is a peer-to-peer social cash flow and credit that connects people to other people around the world. In this new platform, people can publicly pull credit from their network of friends and family, to make purchasing decisions with confidence, knowing they will be paid back, is ready for download and implementation, credit and cash flow management for individuals, families, and corporations will be instantaneous and secure. The recognition and establishment of a user’s financial strength and trustworthiness become the default value-added intelligent concept that provides full protection for its peers through peer-to-peer recognition and management of security and trust, friends help you coordinate, manage, consolidate your financial efforts with your friends. With Friendsvow you get access to credit anytime, anywhere. By using encrypted time-stamping and signature protection you get financial security across all aspects of the credit cycle, For the first time in history, the ƒriendsvow™* model has disrupted the traditionally centralized credit model with an online trust cashflow management system driven by Blockchain Technology. The ƒriendsvow™* Dapp (decentralized app) is utilizing its ERC20 token (Bitcoin) to issue credit globally through BITCOIN, cryptocurrency payments. ƒriendsvow™* aims to achieve low-cost financing by creating a social community of credit, using rotational credit to create a circle, utilizing trusted peer-to-peer networks, your network is your networth, that is completely secure. The platform will also utilize features like global payout and smart contracts which ensure maximum security while enhancing transparency among credit transactions, Our smart and open-source platform is built to create a worldwide credit community based on the trust and security of blockchain and tied to traditional currencies, with its credit score and social networking capabilities, is a peer-to-peer, decentralized, inclusive global credit platform. The first economy of connections. Earn money by making connections. through a rotational savings model that becomes instant credit using the ƒriendsvow™* model, either borrowing money through your social network, FriendVow allows you to manage all your finances from anywhere in the world with one single APP. Our goal is to create a global system that can promote financial inclusion via access to trustworthy credit with #Bitcoin for global payments for everyone everywhere, is a state-of-the-art financial technology company offering cutting-edge, online credit services to consumers worldwide. Unlike most financial institutions, we offer our customers a flexible financial marketplace and banking alternative that allows them to operate at their greatest ease and design their customized payment and credit plans. Our primary objective is to provide safe and reliable financial services to users in need all over the world, with simplicity and transparency as a means of delivering on such needs.


By Convention, the first completed credit transaction on a block is a special transaction that earns the user a % of the bitcoin, aside the main benefit of group credit, this is the incentive for completing a credit cycle, it serves as a way to to provide distribution of bitcoin and to motivate other group members, since there is no central authority to issue them the steady addition of new tokens as a testimony to consistent and reliability will increase personal savings and ensure group financial health, this process is completely decentralized with users creating the Friendscoin themselves from incentives generated after completing a credit cycle, it can be paid to their personal wallet on transfer to Bank account, The money created is not designed to be an investment but doesn’t rely on the traditional financial system, this also creates a natural money supply that will allow local and global peer to peer lending and encourage individuals to build up their economy and credit, It is also to reward friends for completing real time credit score information, credit cycle will take between Weekly, monthly, quarterly, if the credit cycle is completed fully then the friend will receive Friendscoin Credit on same value with Bitcoin credits that are paid directly to there wallet, ƒriendscoin*™* solves credit cycle problems by breaking repayment cycle into chunks amounts so that people can afford it. It’s an alternative to traditional peer to peer cashflow, targeting groups of people at once instead of just one. This is blockchain technology removing barriers and increasing accessibility, giving power back to the individual without any institutions involved, it also serves the purpose of rewarding users who help each other out utilizing endorsement. ƒriendscoin*™* can be transferred to friends, used to pay for services, or transfer into bank accounts. ƒriendscoin*™* is constantly spread among friends in the network who are trusted by one another, Creates an opportunity for Friends, Family, and business friends to get Credit, monetize their ƒriends for Bank Transfer or Wallet transfer. It has the option to get paid Interest on its ƒriendscoin*™* upon credit payback completion, ƒriendscoin*™*(FRI) is an open-source, peer-to-peer, digital cryptocurrency that offers both private and transparent transaction types. ƒriendscoin*™*users can generate FRI coins by making successful credit cycle repayments to other users. This process is known as staking. Users who choose to participate in the open transaction type will have the option to have their transactions displayed publicly on the blockchain, allowing them to achieve greater visibility into their balance and overall network status, ƒriendscoin*™* is the World’s 1st decentralized, peer to peer social network incentive to Credit. ƒriendscoin*™*can be used as a global payment method for credit and investing on the network., ƒriendscoin*™* is a next-generation, decentralized, cryptographic digital currency that is issued from peer-to-peer networks as rewards for incentivizing users to participate in all aspects of the credit life cycle. ƒriendscoin*™* represents any form of incentive credit/reward points offered by financial institutions as an impetus towards reinvesting back into the production of capital assets and labor here in the U.S.A. This includes but is not limited to: business and industrial Credit, mortgages, auto, and home equity Credit and et al. Through the use of cryptocurrency and invention of a new protocol & model for decentralized, global issuance and issuance velocity based on base, ƒriendscoin*™*is a social network platform focused on helping people improve the financial well being of their friends and family, by rewarding you for doing what you already do. You connect with them, give advice, provide guidance, show your care — then earn both money and rewards for that care. The more you share the better you earn.

Privacy| Security | Transparency

The traditional Finance model achieves privacy by limiting access to information between everybody accessing services, ƒriendsvow™* is a new social network built from the ground up to allow each user to generate a unique identity and be at the center of an ecosystem that will allow for instant credit requests. Our model of data operations is decentralized, every public information an individual will use to make their credit decision is open to everyone on the network, Our application leverages existing infrastructures to bypass regulations and inspires every user to initiate credit requests, send invites to peers, and get Bitcoin easily, we are powering the next generation of credit funding in the Global Marketplace. Our end-to-end secured solutions allow users to seamlessly interact with each other, send invites to their social networks, receive Bitcoin together. All in an encrypted, easy-to-use environment. Welcome to the world of Social Lending, Making friends happy is easy when you can send them Bitcoin at the tap of a button using the ƒriendsvow™* app. Within seconds, users can send Bitcoin to anyone or a group of people connected on ƒriendsvow™* app. Send Bitcoin to your friends within seconds. Get Bitcoin to your wallet immediately after accepting new friend request through our unique local pairing mode, is a decentralized application aiming to connect people through a common interest : The freedom to define their path in life, and make their own decisions in a changing world, Join ƒriendsvow™* and share your social and financial details with the people you trust the most, eliminating if not reducing fees from remittance companies, helping your friends and peers preferably from the unbanked society to access funds without any forms of third party interference, Our app is a mission to the users of the world who wants to part take in a revolution that will change their everyday experience, it is a secure model that bypasses regulations and instills trust into the new digital financial system , we will share aid for everyone through this movement, whether you are two people with no credit history, or a huge industrial company, is a free to use application with an opportunity to invite your friends through Facebook or email and get more tokens. You can get more tokens by encouraging your friends to get registered and the more tokens the more people your friend invites. This makes for a referral system that is fast, easy, and fun, We are committed to creating a new ecosystem for friendship and blockchain, your ƒriendsvow™* will be soon at your hand. In this package, you could find how to use the APP, make a donation if you like, and learn more about our website.

With ƒriendsvow™*, you are in control of any personal data that is being allowed to be used for online credit requests by other users. It’s free to use and gives you the power to initiate your first credit requests, send invites to peers, and receive bitcoin to your wallet — all without any third party interference, The ƒriendsvow™* platform is built on the blockchain. Users will be able to make monetary transactions across the network, initiate credit history requests, perform background verifications, and even send invites to friends for a bonus. If you are not aware of Blockchain technology, it’s essentially a way of creating a decentralized network that is immutable. If you are familiar with how transactions work now on e-commerce sites like Amazon or NewEgg, then you can appreciate that each transaction performed on those websites is tracked by the company that is hosting the site. ƒriendsvow™* runs on the Blockchain platform so each works directly with banks to help build a network of trust between Friends. This enables you to get a credit request from a friend and approve it just as if they were any other banking customer, or gift Bitcoin to a friend instantly, using Trust as currency. Although this may seem straightforward, there are significant technical challenges involved. To deliver on our mission, we have built systems that manage data privacy and security in ways that have not been widely used before. We’ve chosen the latest technologies, open-source software, and existing infrastructures to embody privacy into all phases of development, a Fintech platform built on the blockchain transaction on a social network model, that connects users directly to lending institutions, peer-to-peer Credit and credit requests. We’re creating a new reputation and development ecosystem with minimal risk for self-identified financial actors, a monetized social network, a platform that allows users to generate income by inviting their friends and peers to register with the application. For each successful invite made from your friend’s network, you will be rewarded with bitcoin. On ƒriendsvow™* you have total control over your data, only you can manage your transaction history and account information, the first and only platform that allows you to search and transact with verified and data-locked entry tokens (NFTs). Our decentralized, fully transparent, and accountable system offers the greatest protection available today.

Every day there is news of Banks’ hacks and legacy systems including exchanges getting hacked, over 200 million Americans affected, have been affected by Hacks, and others around the world are making everyone very curious about how to protect their data. Fortunately, we at ƒriendsvow™* found a work-around that encrypts consumer data in ways that haven’t been breached before ensures your information stays protected. The data your input into ƒriendsvow™* is safe from hackers who want to steal your identity, By using the ƒriendsvow™* APP each user is in full control of his transactions on this transaction because their data is only available on their device to whom they want to access it, access to your device do not mean data is breached, personal account and multi-level credit wallet ensure total vale of wallet are not be visible to even random access, users can chat on the App anonymously, or contact each other for credit and close transactions successfully. a peer-to-peer lending ecosystem that solves non-repayment of Credit and solves the issue of lack of trust between peers. With the use of mobile and internet platforms, we allow individuals with a verified identity or members on a blockchain platform to create a transaction on our multilayered infrastructure, which will become an immutable data source for online credit scoring, a peer to peer social network for making friends and communication. The main feature of Friendsvow is an ad-free environment so we won’t sell your personal information. We are using blockchain technology to save your data on the decentralized network. That means you have 100% control over all your data, It’s also impossible to change it without your permission, no censorship on the platform.

We are a team of deep domain knowledge of this model of credit offline and we have mastered the required stacks necessary for this next phase, we are made up of developers and designers from Africa, India, United States, and from various industries, especially in technology and finance, the primary mission is to democratize access to credit to enable friends and family members to send or lend each other money safely and easily. We have taken a step-by-step approach to design a platform that exceeds industry standards in product, security, and compliance.

“ One of the first real-life use case products to come out of the same planet as #Bitcoin but for credit. Based on blockchain technology, has undeniable merit. We should see exponential growth, in the quickest term” — Colyns Ehysƒriendsvow™* APP*

Monetize Your Friends, lend money from people online & our cashflow model protects you from default on repayment, with blockchain transactions & Bitcoin payments

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