Automated Peer to Peer Credit with Embedded Protection

Friendsvow is a digitized recreation of the African model of community credit, offering an automated peer-to-peer credit solution with embedded protection. The platform combines domain expertise in web 2 business models with web 3 technology stacks, utilizing blockchain nodes and smart contracts to process transactions and schedule payments. This innovative system empowers individuals to unlock a massive financial network without relying on central approving authorities, providing easy group creation or joining, seamless token payments, and timely access to credit without delays or defaults.

Ƒriendsvow*™* Team

Colyns Ehys

I love building mission-led products using technology to provide solutions for problems that affect my environment

Vaibhav pansambal

Over 13yrs building technology products, now focused on building solutions that help people around me.

Shivangi Varshney

I am a goal-oriented business generator, focused on Mobile Apps and the Web,I make it easier for the customers by [...]