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Online Credit on #Blockchain for transaction processing with #Bitcoin and #Fiat the default currency for global payments. #Bitcoin Model for #SocialCredit. THE WHITE PAPER ABSTRACT A purely peer-to-peer version of electronic credit, providing new ways to monetize your network of friends, family, and colleagues. ƒriendsvow™ credit protocol is designed to be the perfect…(Read More)

BY TOM JACKSON ON JUNE 14, 2019 Twenty-two tech startups from 10 countries have been chosen to take part in the selection days to secure one of 10 spaces in the Cape Town-based Startupbootcamp AfriTech accelerator. The corporate-backed, fintech-focused Startupbootcamp AfriTech returns for a third edition this year after…(Read More)

At Fast Invest, we’re about to integrate cryptocurrencies into our platform. Think we’re over-optimistic? Quite the contrary. Here’s how we see the blockchain transforming not only the fintech industry but the whole world economy and people’s daily lives. What Is P2P Lending? P2P lending cuts out the middleman – traditional banks…(Read More)

The financial technologies (FinTech) revolution, which has the potential to disrupt traditional financial services and banking systems in most jurisdictions, is likely to see the cutting of costs and an improvement in the quality of financial services. by Kirsten Kern, partner, and Naticia Chetty, senior associate, Banking and Financial Services Regulatory, Bowmans South Africa Traditional…(Read More)

The year 2016 saw the aftermath of EMV implementation impacting financial institutions, merchants and consumers across the US. Though many expected to see a number of positive benefits from EMV, those benefits didn’t include a reduction in the number of merchant compromises or fraudulent activity. As 2017 kicks off, we’ve taken a look…(Read More)

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