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At Fast Invest, we’re about to integrate cryptocurrencies into our platform. Think we’re over-optimistic? Quite the contrary. Here’s how we see the blockchain transforming not only the fintech industry but the whole world economy and people’s daily lives. What Is P2P Lending? P2P lending cuts out the middleman – traditional banks…(Read More)

The financial technologies (FinTech) revolution, which has the potential to disrupt traditional financial services and banking systems in most jurisdictions, is likely to see the cutting of costs and an improvement in the quality of financial services. by Kirsten Kern, partner, and Naticia Chetty, senior associate, Banking and Financial Services Regulatory, Bowmans South Africa Traditional…(Read More)

The year 2016 saw the aftermath of EMV implementation impacting financial institutions, merchants and consumers across the US. Though many expected to see a number of positive benefits from EMV, those benefits didn’t include a reduction in the number of merchant compromises or fraudulent activity. As 2017 kicks off, we’ve taken a look…(Read More)

Start-ups are smashing up the fintech scene, is this the beginning of the end of high street banks or can they fight back? Often, bankers complain about competition from technology startups that are not overseen by any governing body (yet). Why aren’t they regulated? The lack of regulation is why they move so…(Read More)

When you think of today’s banks and financial institutions, you typically think of concepts like cash and credit scores. However, the banks of the future won’t exchange cash, or even digital money. And, for many Millennials, credit scores will replaced by a system of social credit via the Blockchain. It’s becoming increasingly…(Read More)

In a research project commissioned by the Digital Banking Report, it was found that fintech influencers are significantly older than the employees at most high tech companies. Does it matter? Are Leaders in the Fintech World ‘Old’ or ‘Experienced’? In a research project commissioned by the Digital Banking Report, it was found that fintech influencers…(Read More)

RainFin is an online lending marketplace that connects borrowers seeking transparent, cost effective loans with lenders wanting great returns. 22Seven is a free budgeting & investing app that helps users manage money more easily and invest it more smartly. Bankymoon builds blockchain-based solutions and provides consulting services for organizations to allow them to leverage…(Read More)

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