Ƒriendsvow*™* is simply a recreation of the African Model of Community Credit,  a digitized model of rotational savings and credit, we  build out a web 2 business model with a web 3 technology stacks, an eCredit solution using blockchain nodes to process transactions, including scheduling  payments and repayments written into smart contracts, we have created a system that will unlock a massive financial system the likes of which the world has never seen, and this credit model is powered by people without waiting for a central approving authority to initiate credit or approved credit.

Friendsvow it is easy to Create or Join a Group, Pay the group Token, access your credit from your credit card to spend on due date, without delay or default.

    Ƒriendsvow*™* provides free convenient access for you to initiate credit transactions and raise funds from your network, parents can create family credit and view how kids interact with money and also to teach kids how to have good financial habits, with real time practical lessons, colleagues can create credit lines that is visible to everyone within that wallet, friends will have a shared wallet to consistently cement the bond of shared goals and aspirations that humanity is known for, Friendsvow is humanity eternal quest for financial equality and making access to finance cool, rather than the embarrassing monolith of the invincible abyss that currently exist.

      Ƒriendsvow*™* Team

      Colyns Ehys

      I love building mission-led products using technology to provide solutions for problems that affect my environment

      Vaibhav pansambal

      Over 13yrs building technology products, now focused on building solutions that help people around me.

      Shivangi Varshney

      I am a goal-oriented business generator, focused on Mobile Apps and the Web,I make it easier for the customers by [...]